The practice has its own dispensary and the staff  take part in the Dispensing Quality Service scheme.

Who can we dispense to:

  • Patients who do not have a chemist within one mile of their home can have their medicines dispensed (Dispensing patients Hurley, Wood End, Lea Marston, Bodymoor Heath).

We cannot dispense for Kingsbury, Wilnecote, Dosthill or Two Gates patients.

We can provide the medicines you need either direct from the surgery or delivered to your home.

Please let the staff know if you are signed up to another pharmacy collection service to avoid any confusion.

Please provide evidence if you are exempt from charges the staff will need to see this evidence each time you collect your prescription. Our staff are not allowed to give medicines without receiving payment which is a national charge set by the government unless you can demonstrate that you are exempt please have proof of any exemption when you collect your prescription.

Thank you